Who's who

Leadership Team
Mr Clive Thomas Headteacher yshopen@syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Carol Anne Jones Deputy Headteacher @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Kelly Morgan Deputy Headteacher @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mr Gareth Evans Assistant Headteacher @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mr Siôn Wyn Jones Assistant Headteacher @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Beti Rhys Roberts Assistant Headteacher @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Pastoral Leaders
Miss Llinos Williams Year 7 Progress Leader @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Sioned Glyn Year 8 Progress Leader @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Sioned Glyn Year 9 Progress Leader @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mr Alun Ellis Year 10 Progress Leader @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mr Alun Ellis Year 11 Progress Leader @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mr Trystan Thomas Head of Sixth Form @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Deputy Progress Leaders
Mrs Ellen Jones Year 7 @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Miss Delyth Hughes Year 8 @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Miss Delyth Hughes Year 9 @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Year 10 @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Year 11 @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Rebecca Helene Ball Year 12 @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Elin Jones Year 13 @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Subject Leaders
Mrs Lisa Hagan Welsh
Mrs Sara Maynard English
Ms Delyth Buse Mathematics
Dr Huw D. Williams Science
Mr Dylan Huw Jones Biology
Mr Trystan Thomas Chemistry
Mr Llion Francis Physics
Mrs Sioned Glyn Art
Mrs Beti Rhys Music
Mrs Carys Jones French
Mrs Eira Thomas Geography
Mr Siôn Jones History
Mr Gareth Evans Religious Education
Mr Bryn Williams Physical Education
Mr Richard Farrer Information Technology KS3
Mr Duncan Jones Information Technology KS4
Miss Gwennan Owen Services
Mr Alun Ellis Psychology
Mr Ted Stephen Business
Mr Gwion Davies Welsh Baccalaureate KS4
Mrs Carys Jones Welsh Baccalaureate KS5
Mrs Lora C. Stephen Additional Leaning Needs and Careers @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Mererid Llwyd Digital Literacy @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Catrin Elin Owen Welsh @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Miss Enfys Roberts Welsh @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Ffion Eleri Jones Welsh @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Miss Sian M Jones Welsh @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Gwenda Wareham English @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Miss Lindsay Shan Marchant English @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Miss Jennifer Jones English @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Miss Ceri James Evans English @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Miss Bethan Sleep English and French @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Elin Mair Jones English @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mr Ian Hughes Mathematics @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Lisa Maxwell Morris Mathematics @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Miss Rebecca Lois Roberts Mathematics @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Miss Ffion Lloyd Jones Mathematics @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Elen Thomas Davies Science @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Anwen Puw Science @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Emma Le Bon Thomas Science @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Ellen Jones Technology @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Miss Caryl Edwards Technology @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mr Sion Illtud Owen History @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Rebecca Ball Humanities @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Miss Karen Roberts Art @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Miss Ceri Griffith Art @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Miss Delyth Eluned Hughes Music @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Miss Llinos Mair Williams Physical Education @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mr Gwion Davies Physical Education @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Miss Llio Meleri Jones Physical Education @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Ms Christine Hanks Work Skills @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Ms Michelle Lovell Business Manager @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Miss Sharon L. Parry Secretary @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Menna Evans Clerical Support @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Sioned Davenport Clerical Support @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mr Ian Edwards Technology Technician @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mr Maldwyn Williams Caretaker @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Gwen Williams Cover Supervisor @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Joan Edwards Cover Supervisor @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mr Iolo Williams Cover Supervisor @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mr Chris Evans Inclusion Centre @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mr Dafydd Roberts Rugby Officer @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Angela Owen Educational Welfare Officer @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Nia Williams School Nurse @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Miss Eleri Swyn Jones Attendance Officer @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Ceri Williams Teaching Assistant @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Rhian Griffiths Teaching Assistant @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Iona Davies Teaching Assistant @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Sara Thomas Teaching Assistant @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mr Mark McCann Teaching Assistant @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Ms Shan Nevina Jones Teaching Assistant @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Linda Hughes Teaching Assistant @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Nicole Allen-Jones Teaching Assistant @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Miss Delyth Hughes Teaching Assistant @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Elen Jones Teaching Assistant @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Miss Erica Jones Teaching Assistant @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Miss Victoria Parry Teaching Assistant @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Miss Sonia Parry Teaching Assistant @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mrs Rhian Thomas Teaching Assistant @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Mr Dion Hughes Teaching Assistant @syrhughowen.gwynedd.sch.uk
Clive Thomas Headteacher ---
Ceri Jarvis LEA 31/08/2022
Cllr. Cai Larson LEA 31/08/2021
Glyn Owen MBE LEA 31/08/2020
Cllr. Ioan Thomas LEA 31/08/2021
Tim Davies-Hughes Community 31/08/2022
Elin Evans Community 31/08/2020
Ann Hopcyn Community 31/08/2020
Sian Perris Owen Community 31/08/2022
Mererid Mair Williams Equalities Community 31/08/2020
Meleri Griffiths Parent 31/08/2022
Rowena Hughes-Jones Parent 31/08/2020
Rhian Mair Vice-Chair and Child Protection Parent 31/08/2020
Dafydd Morris Chair and Health and Safety Parent 31/08/2020
Elin Gwilym Parent 31/08/2022
Bethan Mair Williams Additional Learning Needs Parent 31/08/2021
Gwion T Davies Teachers 31/08/2022
Elin Jones Teachers 31/08/2021
Joan Edwards Ancillary Staff 31/08/2022
Pupils ---
Pupils ---